What are Remittance Envelopes?

Your business means the world to you. You want to make a great impression on the public eye while attaining the results your business is striving hard to achieve. Well, custom-printed remittance envelopes are sure to help you accomplish just that.

What exactly are remittance envelopes you might ask?

Remittance envelopes, also known as “donation envelopes or collection envelopes,” are resources generally used for the purpose of collecting monetary donations. These specialized envelopes include a form printed directly on the face of the sleeve with a closure flap large enough to fold over top of the requested information in order to secure clients’ private details. These envelopes conveniently make for a form and envelope, all in one!

Remittance Envelope DesignDonation envelopes can often be found benefiting businesses such as churches, political campaigns, nonprofit organizations, fundraisers, and more. They are great tools for businesses looking to conceal sensitive client details while being able to retrieve the necessary information required to move forward with the business’ agenda. 

Donation envelopes are highly useful in today’s business world.

Everyone knows that reaching out to a target audience in hopes of acquiring a monetary donation can be intimidating and, quite frankly, difficult at times; however, when choosing to use remittance envelopes, you are providing a great service to your potential clients.

Remittance envelopes make the process of donating a breeze for your prospective patrons because all that will be required of them is to fill out the form on the envelope, insert the cash or check into the sleeve, seal the flap, and pop it in the mailbox...It’s as simple as that! It will really take the hassle out of doing charitable work which will, in turn, make for a happy clientele.

Remittance envelopes are also helpful when thinking of environmental concerns. With forms being printed on the envelopes themselves, this allows for businesses to cut down on unnecessary paper usage; therefore, wasting less trees in the process.

Here at we provide a modern and convenient take on the classic donation envelope. We offer unique design services to help you in choosing the right template for your business’ needs. Not only are our designs completely customizable with the option to upload your own designs into our template base, but we also ensure efficient service from start to finish.

All of our remittance envelopes are printed and packaged in-house at our manufacturing facility located right here in Maine so you can rest assured that our prices are highly competitive since we have completely cut out the middleman costs. also offers a variety of convenient shipment options. We provide standard shipping, as well as expedited overnight shipping. All orders will be shipped and delivered via UPS. When you order 2,500 envelopes or more, your shipping is free!

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