Fundraising Envelopes

Fundraising EnvelopesFundraising plays an important role in non-profit organizations that need to obtain money for their various operations. Fundraising is used by numerous groups, from research organizations and animal shelters, to churches and small start-up companies. Fundraising envelopes, also called remittance envelopes, can take your fundraising efforts from small local campaigns to global crowd funding. has worked with countless non-profits and organizations to aid them in custom envelope designs that are professional, attractive, and attention worthy. Whether you're a small pet shelter needing 500 envelopes, or a large non-profit needing 20,000, we can help! 

Our envelope portfolio shows a small sample of our past remittance envelope designs. Many of our customers provide their own images, but for those with less graphic design experience, we are happy to assist in designing your remits. Our competitive pricing, fast turnaround, and reliable customer service has kept customers returning for years. If you have any questions about creating, designing, or printing your fundraising envelopes please don't hesitate to contact us. We will do our best to respond the same business day.

Looking to design your fundraising envelopes yourself? Great! Download our Remittance Envelope Template and when you're finished upload your design on our product page.

Need some design assistance? Not a problem! Fill out our design form and we'll help you along the way!

Fundraising Envelopes

Need some  design tips for your remittance envelopes? Check out our blog post on ideal design programs, imagery, and colors. What is the one thing most people notice when looking at an advertisement: the words or the images? If you said images, you would be correct! The human eye is naturally drawn to images first because they are usually quicker for the brain to process; that, and the aesthetic of the image is imagined in a way so as to immediately attract any on-looker. Read more tips here!